Building A Deck is Pretty fun (Part 2, Tournament Report and Fixing a Deck after Extensive Testing)

After my previous articles about DPT and my deck profile, I decided to go for a small change of pace and do a tourney report with the deck that I just built and wrote about in my last article.

for those that haven’t read my last two articles or would like a refresher, here are the links:

Let’s be bad at the game (A lesson about DPT)

Deck Building is Fun (Part 1)

So I decided to pick up the last couple singles for my deck yesterday then take it to the nearby locals to give it a spin and see how well it can perform in the field, and whether or not the deck can really work as I had intended it to.

This week the locals featured:

Cinderella Girls – 4 Players (One of them was me)
Love Live – 4 Players
Bakemono – 1
Miku – 1
SAO – 1
Kill La Kill – 1
Shining Resonance – 2
Nisekoi – 2
To-Love-Ru – 1
TerraFormars – 1
Attack of Titan – 1
Old IdolM@ster – 1
Clannad – 1
GFB – 1

The tournament started in the afternoon and after going around looking for the last couple of singles that I didn’t pull from my boxes I realized that most of the Cinderella girls stuff was sold out or low in stock. That raised a question that I really should have asked myself earlier: “am I prepared for the mirror match”?

So as I was walking around Frank and Sons while looking for cards, I was reanalyzing the strengths and weaknesses of my deck and how I can abuse that information when a mirror match would come. Luckily for me, I played the mirror match twice later that night and because of my mental prep earlier in the day I was able to analyze my card choices and apply them correctly which was critical in the mirror moreso than any other matchup I played that night.

After getting my cards, I chill with one of my buds at a restaurant nearby and played a few games before locals. I get repeatedly shit on by my friend mike (spoiler alert: he would go on to get top 4 at locals that night) and and my other friend Abdiel which makes me get saltier than the french fries I just ate. Rip.

Anyways, onto the locals report. All of my opponents were good players and I had some fairly tough games here and there in the past so all in all I felt that this locals was a really good place to test and improve myself in the process. I’d go more often, but the drive is too far rip

Round 1: Tree-Luv-ru

ok so 2 love ru was something I was expecting to see, but had limited experience in playing against. Because my deck doesn’t rely on salvaging characters in the attack phase, I was able to handfix and generate advantage without being hindered too hard. One thing that I had noted was that his main climax combo is designed to search the deck, which is nice but from what I saw he had very few options to mass mill or force-refresh the deck meaning that if he were to get climax screwed at any point in the game it would be really easy to punish.


Well, that’s exactly what happened. he was out 5 climaxes by the time he was halfway through his deck, and realizing he only had 3 climaxes in a 20+ card deck I estimated that I could easily climax rush him over multiple turns (pants trigger OP) and get a ton of uncontested damage in while forcing early refreshes on my end through mills via 1/0 Nitta which in turn maintains my climax advantage. I push him to level 2 before he refreshes which hurts his compression post-refresh and snowballs the game in my favor.

The Trigger is so Clutch

A couple of turns later, I’m sitting at 2/1 with 7 climaxes in deck after a refresh while he is at 3/3 with 6 climaxes out due to my repeated rushes and him brainstorming to get the endgame pieces he needed (this might have been a misplay on his part, but given that I had such a huge lead I doubt it because trying to play the slow game and hoping to cancel wouldn’t work since I can ping in with 1 soul attackers to end so all or nothing). he plays the yami, but it’s too late as all he is able to do is push me to level 3 where I just seal the game with Ranko and Anastasia.

Current Record: 1-0

Round 2: Shining Resonance

My opponent this time around was someone that I knew for a while and I highly respect his ability to play. Unlike most of the opponents I have faced, he doesn’t show emotion or reveal information that he doesn’t have to (sometimes you can tell if your opponent is in a bad spot by their reactions, word choices, or body language) and for most of the game I didn’t feel like I was winning at all until the very last turn when I actually won.

I actually have a shining resonance deck myself, so I was very familiar with how the deck operated. On the plus side, Shining Resonance’s strategy does not involve the opponent too much meaning that you (as a shining resonance player) don’t have to worry too much about what your opponent is doing because your gameplan is to put down massive pressure at level 2 to via on-command freefresh and massive early drops then finish with a spectacular level 3 endgame. On the opposite hand, because shining resonance’s gameplan is pretty straightforward and doesn’t involve interaction with the opponent as much as other decks it means that As the opponent, even if the resonance player is going to work to his gameplan, it doesn’t include a lot of tools to punish me and hinder my own gameplan. This means that in order to win, I have to look for every misplay possible on his end and pressure him enough to keep him behind.

God this card scared me so much

This matchup required me to do three things: Using my power boosting tools and pants triggers to overpower his characters and maintain my damage pushes, salvaging my anti-change to prevent his 3/2 kirika from kicking my face in and making sure that when he gets to level 3 I have enough climaxes to survive a hard push from the restander or a dragon. Unfortunately I failed to do that last thing and I made a massive misplay near the end because I couldn’t tell if he had the hand to summon the dragon and pushed him to level 3 when I only had 2 climaxes left in my deck. If he had the yuma to change, he would have hit me hard to force out one of my climaxes (and doing 2-3 damage in the process) then successfully land at least one the 6 damage burns and a refresh damage which would put me in a position to lose the following turn. Luckily for me, that didn’t happen.

Lesson learned, time your pushes so you can survive endgame bursts. I got really lucky this time around.

Current Record: 2-0

Round 3: AIDORUS

the fabled mirror match (or at least the variation invoving kekky 1/0 cx combos and lots of milling by both players) . I really don’t like going into detail about the mirror simply because both me and my opponent were just wombo comboing each other after level 1 and whoever had the better techs (and a little luck) would win out in the end. the 1/1 event to salvage a music, as well as the 0/0 anzu were really clutch here because the salvage from 1/1 fail event and the power boost would just enable me to push out of counter range and keep my rushes going. I do remember getting countered during the mid game, but I felt that it was a misplay because he would have no reverse targets to use his next combo on which delays his refresh and allows me to make another hard damage push. He did prepare for level 3, but at the end it really came down to whoever compressed better after the refreshes started coming in who abused their 1/0 nitta combo more because whoever won out in the mid game would gain a large damage + compression lead and snowball the game and my techs gave me a massive advantage in that aspect.

If you are playing Cinderella Girls, I highly recommend you play the mirror match. Its pretty fun, and very interactive. It teaches you the importance of recognizing misplays and how to punish them appropriately. It also teaches you how to effectively snowball a lead once you obtain it, and how to punish an opponent who gains a lead but doesn’t run with it.

Current Record: 3-0

Round 4: The God aka Mike (playing weapon build nisekek)

Honestly, I just lose to this guy every time I play him. He’s just really good at the game. So anyways, I start the game off with multiple climaxes in hand and realize the moment I screw up, im pretty dead. So I start the game slow, trying to delay his level 1 push as far as I can while I fix my hand and prepare my own push. I use the mill runner effect to continue milling and hopefully get myself out of this poor position. I intentionally kept at least two of the climaxes in hand because I knew that as soon as I clocked / pitched / revealed that I had multiple climaxes in hand I would just get +2 soul’d before I could mill my deck and fix the ratio and take 9+ free damage. Luckily when we both got to level 1 and he did drop the +2 soul combo I had gone through enough of my deck to where I was fairly stable and managed to cancel two of the hits. I begin to rush and push damage where I can, which is where I realize this game begins to fall apart (in mike’s favor):

3/2 early drop chitoge is literally the bane of this deck’s existence. Not only is it a massive 2 soul beater in which 90% of my deck struggles against, my opponent searched counters making it virtually unkillable, but also because of its ability to TOPKEK ME WHEN I FRONT. Basically, no matter what I am going to do if I want to win the game he is going to topkek and increase his chances of canceling which lowers my damage output. Double cancel into triple cancel turns followed and suddenly I go from being a level ahead to being a level behind. Meanwhile my anti-change counter is sitting in my clock laughing at me and suddenly I wish I had played a 2nd one. We go into the final turn, and I somehow push him and almost win the game but it doesn’t matter because his topkek ability let him cancel my 1 damage pings when I was going for exact game. Rip.

Record: 4-1

End of swiss, moving to top 8. I’m 3rd place since I lost to mike (who was 1st after swiss)

Top 8 match: vs To Love Ru again

Same dude. To be honest, this wasn’t much different from the first time we played, except that he was able to summon 2 yamis instead of 1. He pushed me to 3/4, but he was already in such a bad position climax wise that all I had to do was summon my level 3 lineup and as long as I had the damage I would win the game since he was out so many climaxes from my previous attacks + him triggering one. I push him to 3/6 on my last attack with 2 cards left in his deck and because he doesn’t play any healers the handshake goes out.

Top 4 match: Vs shining again

Ok another matchup I already played tonight. Welp….lets go at it.

I start the game 4 climaxes out. Wee. I end up drawing multiple level 0s and a mill runner and suddenly I realize I can recover from this: so I begin to summon more 0s and play more aggressively to gather stock so I can at least get to my first refresh with the best ratio as possible and recover from there. Just like in the previous game, I hold onto 2 of my climaxes so that I can make 2 consecutive rushes at level 1 where I can mill the deck and recover the ratios, and, at the very least, deny that information from my opponent so he doesnt just go ahead and spams climaxes on me for free damage. After a couple turns of level 0 I make a recovery through mill effects and stock generation + occasional brainstorm and begin slow pushing (not playing a climax, occasional side attack) my opponent to delay his level 2 power spike and gather resources on my end.

Then it happens. He triggers 2 climaxes. Luckily for me his climaxes were 2 soul triggers so he overswung and by some miracle I canceled. Its time to go: knowing he’s climax screwed I throw down the pants combo, mill the rest of my deck via 1/0 nitta combo to refresh and afterwards start throwing down whatever climax i drew till he died. 2 turns later, hes sitting at 3/3 while im at 2/4, and from there he just pushes me to 3 where I played Anastasia for the finish.

Finals: Another mirror

This time it was one of my long time friends playing against me and he’s not bad at the game so I figured this was going to be fun. Unfortunately, it was the most anti-climactic match of the night to be honest. he was out 7 climaxes by turn 3 or 4 and didn’t really try to hide it so I just pushed damage every opportunity I could and won. It was a shame that it wasn’t a good game, i somewhat enjoy the mirror match.

After all that, I was really tired. I had played 7 games of weiss in total at the locals alone, and a good 4-5 games before locals so by the time it was over I didn’t even feel like I had won because I was just so exhausted.

anyways, after the tournament, I decided to take a look at my deck and see where the deck performed well and didn’t:

  1. I was able to climax rush pretty well through consecutive turns, by simply ensuring I had 1-2 climaxes in hand and the occasional pants trigger.
  2. I was able to consistently overpower my opponents where I realistically could, which was very nice. The deck was working as intended.
  3. Today in the mirror I learned that there is alot of potential for counterplay when playing against this iteration of the build. My opponent killed my characters on my turn via counters and the 0/0 anastasia which in turn lead me to have an empty front row. Because he had no target to get his combo off, his next refresh was delayed and I made an immediate comeback with my own push.
  4. I had very few answers to early drop level 3s, which was a struggle. Kirika wasn’t as much of a problem in my shining matchup since she doesn’t reduce my damage output, it was Chitoge + backups which allowed my opponent to significantly decrease my damage output. Im still pretty salty about the card p_p
  5. I had some trouble w/ having the wrong climaxes at certain points in the game
  6.  the 2/1 draw 2 pitch one event never came up. Mostly cause i would trigger it and leave it in my stock but also because in most of my matchups it just wasn’t necessary as I had ways to get my other endgame pieces.  `
  7. The Doge Event was really subpar. It was never a factor in the games I won or lost. It was just “there”.

so here is what I did:

Dropped the 2/1 event for another 1/1 fail event

Replaced the 0/0 Glasses pump with a 0/0 that can pump 2k by resting 2 characters, and on play play 1 pitch a climax to grab a climax:

Finally, I dropped the doge event altogether (rip doge), and added another anti-change for a total of 2 in my deck and this 0/0 airi, which, on attack can pump another character 1000 x the number of soul it has (+3k to anastasia p_p) and is a pay 1 spammable search discard brainstormer.

Anyways, im a bit tired so ill stop here.

Shoutout to Mike cause he helped me learn a lot yesterday


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