A really short and not informative article on Charlotte

Man, its too bad Old IMAS isn’t neo-standard with Cinderella Girls. I wanted to do wonky shit like this:

I just wanted to get my daily dose of Idolm@ster out of the way before we begin. I will not be posting card translations here (only images), as I wish to preserve my “writer’s integrity” per say and give proper credit where it is due. You may see all of the translations and images in their full glory here: https://outakuya.wordpress.com/

Anyways, onto the article. The last few articles have been about Cinderella Girls and I have been trying to weave in general knowledge of the game so that even if you didn’t play the set you can still learn something from reading. However, today I want to take a step away from this set as everyone seems to be getting ready for what’s to come:

Charlotte seems to be in the spotlight at the moment, with the recently revealed card effects that show that the series is looking to be one of the top contenders for a pretty long time. The set thus far features:

A cheap anti-burn mechanic, which memory compresses similar to kantai collection’s anti-heal (without the change):

a combo that further advances memory compression while milling the deck which gets both players to their next refresh sooner while forcing a climax out of the opponent’s next refresh via its first effect:

A solid 3/2 early drop that is set up by the above 1/0 via timed refreshes

a “riki” clone that can also screw someone’s ratio by replacing a card in their stock with a climax

For those not playing anti-burn, a solid heal + burn endgame that is loopable

and A solid 1/0 handsize generating beater:

As well as this really beautiful looking brainstormer (ok im biased despite being an idol fan, nao looks great):

but anyways, you put all of these cards together, and suddenly you have a really powerful deck that can push damage, pressure the opponent, mess with your opponent’s compression, and set up for late game all at the same time while spending as little as possible (here is an example of what some of a BRY build might look like on paper):

Ok that all said, Charlotte is looking to be a great set. But remember, there are things to consider and it is that every set has its downsides, even this one. It’s just a matter of trying to find them, and it is pretty early in the game considering that the set isn’t released. For example, a nice leafa counter or a pay 1 mill 3 counter (freaking lord borden) can easily stop yourself from being screwed by the 1/0 ayumi combo as you can get to your refresh sooner than the charlotte player while paying out the climax they shoved into your stock.

For those who think anti-burn is going to change the meta:

its a matter of perspective. Anti-burn doesn’t eliminate burn from the meta unless an anti-burn charlotte build proves itself to be another nisekoi or kantai. It only means that you should be encouraged to find other finishers to play alongside your more consistent burn finishers. This way, you keep the flexibility of being able to handle the matchup while still being able to play other matchups just as well.

For those who are still playing 8 burn finishers:

Grow away from that way of thinking and become more flexible. Bushiroad has proven that after enough time has passed, they will produce new ways to change the meta and the way people think / play the game. They did it with anti-heal, and they are now doing it with anti-burn.

Expected meta shifts:

On reverse abilities will become more commonplace, since most of them are restanders, clock shooters, psuedo restanders that summon another character (horray for cinderella girls), among other things that get around “anti-burn”. Power may become more prevalent at all levels than it has in the past, with almost every set these days having on reverse abilities and the option to side attack just seems so subpar. Sets that include sacrifice anti-change counters may see more play to deny these effects. Madoka will troll everyone as usual. Burn will not vanish from the meta, but will not be relied on as heavily as it has been in the past. Anti-heal is becoming less prevalent than it used to be and we are starting to see effects in recent sets that enable people to cancel more often (topkek for example). Hard compression will become an essential strategy if your deck can consistently pull it off.

plus 2 soul will randomly destroy people. This will never change. Rejoice my brethren. And yes, you can plus 2 soul after someone mills 15 and destroy them. That actually sounds fun.

Anyways, I didn’t want to go too deep into this article because the set hasn’t been released and we still have much more to see. This was only a preview of what’s to come. Anyways if you are buying into Charlotte, don’t regret the decision. Its going to be an amazing set that looks really fun to play when you get into it.


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