I won’t be writing articles for a while, just a heads up. Part of it is because I keep getting writer’s block every time a topic comes to mind, but mostly because I am taking care of things with my future career while pursuing other hobbies. I will be playing weiss, but for the next couple of weeks or so my passion is kind of dead since my car is in bad shape and I can’t go to locals till it gets fixed :/

However, I am looking for people who want to join the blog and make a team with me to write articles and share information. If you feel like you have something you want to share, please either comment here, send an email (Hasan8535@hotmail.com) or send me a facebook message (Hasan Karagulle).

Keep in mind that anyone who decides to join is subject to getting their content proofread by everyone else that is on the blog team (which would be basically me unless multiple people join) and vice versa (just because I started the blog doesn’t mean that I’m the big boss). Ultimately, the goal is to create quality content for the weiss schwarz community to help people grow as players and change the way people play and think about the game for the better.


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