Blog update: Off Hiatus

Sometimes I wonder whether or not playing weiss schwarz is worth my time and money. As of late, I had to ask my self that time and time again.

We all go through these phases of life in which we just struggle through whatever life wants to throw at us. As of late, what I thought would be a previously undying passion to play and share my weiss schwarz experiences on this blog quickly became a fight for survival as my work schedule threw more work at me, my car decided to die a little on me, and my time went from enjoying weiss to letting my decks collect dust in the corner of my room.

However, that does not necessarily mean I want to quit. By all means, I enjoy the game and I really think bushiroad is doing a great thing by expanding this card game with constant releases in both the ENG and the JP scene. However, it does mean that my time to enjoy weiss schwarz is significantly reduced due to the distances I cannot travel and the time that is being sucked from me as I get scheduled for more hours at work.

I decided to really get myself involved again and try to immerse myself into weiss again, only to find out new sets have been released with more coming and while my game knowledge and theory hasn’t really evolved in my absence I do believe it is still effective due to the nature of the game itself. However, because of my time constraints I no longer have the ability to expand my knowledge through personal experiences any more.

What does it mean for this blog then? It means a shift in focus. I will be making an attempt to get off hiatus, and will be focusing more on careful analysis on both decklists and gameplay patterns and I hope to share my analysis and inferences to the community. I will be taking a look at not only my personal decks, but more importantly tournament contenders that have proven themselves capable of winning in a tested environment.

Anyways, that’s the end of this quick update. I will be working on my next post later tonight and in the next couple of days so expect to see some new content soon.


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