Random Weiss thoughts 5/17/17

2 or less cx early plays are a hell of a lot better in decks that can afford to do a refresh at late level 1 now.

level 2 dominance is heavily punished by strong on reverse abilities at 3. this has to be in tandem with a strong level 3 refresh though.

thanks to the return of healing in the meta, particularly at level 2 refreshing at early level 1 is not as strong as it used to be. There is actually very little benefit to refreshing that early because when you finally hit level 2 you will be more than 3 cx out and miss out on many early drops depending on the set you are playing. Its better to actually just take take a turn of damage and end the turn at 1-3 or 1-4 with a couple cards left in deck for the refresh/level. self clocking cards (riki, clock bonders) hold a bit more value in these scenarios if you want to accelerate the game state from 1-0 damage

hitting the opponent to 2-4/2-5 with 3-4 cxs out is significantly worse (for the opponent) than pushing them to 3-0 and allowing them access to their level 3 line.  the opponent has to essentially waste a turn accomplishing nothing because they have to play not to lose when you get to level 3.

people really underestimate level 3 killers. everyone wants to play early drops, but very few people have answers to early drop killers.

playing a cx at level 2 can often feel like a waste because refreshes happen at that point and there is room to cancel if you overswing. however, if you can threaten lethal in hand next turn, forcing climaxes out can be the best play you can make.

clock kickers are some of the best cards to play without a cx, since a low swing for 2 can guarantee a 3rd damage if you have the power, whereas burn effects feel much better on larger swings

i kind of hate how the weiss community (and tournament structure in general) only seems to care about top 8/4/winner yet bushi insists that weiss is “for fun”.

another gripe about the community, both near me and online- there is no hesitation to talk shit. Literally insults are thrown without second thought as if it were a normal thing to do, these are grown ass men/women acting like children. have some respect for the people around you.


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