Random weiss thoughts 5/18/17

Mill runners > free runners, unless the free runner has a 2nd effect (konosuba’s for example)

AOT is extremely good at punishing on reverse abilities in general, and demolishes level 3 lineups that require a reverse. We will see more of this in set two, hopefully.

Power at level 3 matters so much more now because hard compression has deteriorated in favor of playing on curve. Tempo swings are cool, but tbh not taking damage is much stronger than just playing for power.

+2 soul cxs are highly underrated in some decks. +2 soul gives any card the power to push late game damage at any point in the game.

speaking on that point, if the lovers combo in monogatari was free it would probably be the best level 1 combo in the game.

so many players hate having multiple cx in hand, but there is value in using a cx to force climaxes, then follow with a harder push the next turn

I honestly believe that Pants+stock soul is the best combination of cxs right now if you have the ability to pay out the cx the next turn, since you replenish that stock with a 2nd stock soul play. Back to back stock soul plays are extremely powerful and tend to straight out win games when paired with enough milling to compress the deck out

I still really want to play GFB, maybe someone will be cool and sell it to me cheap 😛

playing other card games can influence your weiss play. I once took a break from weiss, spent a month and a half playing shadowverse (grinded to AA rank), then applied the game theories i learned in shadowverse into weiss and went 11-0 over the course of two days in two different locals.

however, the opposite effect can happen as well. Yugioh is notoriously bad at making me a better weiss player, anything i learned playing yugioh couldn’t be applied here and my next tournament run was pretty piss poor all around

the english community is an enigma to me, but it is fascinating to an extent. the higher prices in english tend to force players to innovate and pursue other styles of play rather than tapping into their bank accounts to buy the most expensive cards. you don’t see too much of this in JP because decks are a bit more affordable.

too many players waste counters on cards just to play over the character they protected the following turn. Dropping a card in hand for the counter isn’t worth the extra 1 soul for a direct attack.

i honestly think clock-self anti level 3 counters are seriously underrated. If you can heal off what you clocked with your own early drop and tempo swing the game back in your favor, you can set yourself up to win really easily.

i actually hate gold bar with a passion. I want cxs to go in my hand when i feel it is right to add them, not default them into my hand. Hence I prefer pants, because if I lose the game from a bad cx salvage its not because i trigger the cx in the first place its because of my own mistake.

I believe that the best deck offers immediate compression, and is entirely good. I feel like some players prefer to give way to the opponent at certain levels of the game because of how their deck is built (strong level 1, but weak level 0, for example) but in reality for a deck to be good it must be good at all stages of the game. Level 2 is just as important as level 1.

topcheck burn 1s feel like a waste. i actually believe that on attack burns are the best kind of burns, because you have the most flexibility when you want to burn (in between attacks) whereas topcheck burn only topchecks for 1 burn before you attack. on reverse burn is meh, it has too many counters available to it.

i wish there were more anti- effects in the game. anti- search during attack phase would be interesting to have in the meta, because it forces deckbuilding towards another direction

generating stock as a cx combo feels worthless unless you can turn that stock into another type of advantage.

the next banlist will be the most interesting one.


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