Random Weiss thoughts 5/20/17

a level 2 game that doesn’t get reversed at level 2 or 3 easily is ideal.

i think that anti-change bombs are weak because at best they go even on the trade. but most early play 3/2s have healing effects so the opponent already got their value out of it. Not to mention, they saved themselves a damage because you didn’t direct attack that slot, but they get to direct attack the slot you left open with the bomb. you need a 2/1 that kills level 3s without dying.

shimukaze is kind of weak now. Mostly because of the 2k1 cx though.

honestly leaving anything that’s reversible post level 1 opens an opportunity for the opponent to generate an advantage via cx combo or other effect. This is why cinderella girls isn’t the perfect series. However, CG is still fairly strong because of its endless utility.

I expected railgun to be a much stronger contender than it currently is, maybe because no one plays it? For a short time, i considered it to be one of the strongest decks in the game.

I honestly forgot schoolgirls strikers existed.

i wish bushi would just create more trait/generic decks and allow the deck building process be given to the players, rather than push them towards specific characters (CG, Rewrite, Gochi, KC destroyer for example)

I think deck building is one of the most fun parts of the game and people who don’t appreciate deck building ought to move on from card games and play something else.


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