Random weiss thoughts 5/21/17

my top 8 match last night reiterated the importance of level 0 and that it should not be neglected.

just having one huge lane (like a 1/1 9k or something) that can reliably reverse on both players turns can snowball a game pretty huge by killing multiple characters over several turns and opening empty slots for you to play weaker characters and gives you the luxury of not committing larger plays.

the new standby trigger doesn’t look very good in milky holms right now. Maybe its because of a lack of good level 2s and the players I saw were using it incorrectly? But I see it doing a very good job in ramming in characters and then playing over them with stronger ones to defend. I think its fine in milky and maybe the player was just triggering it at awkward times and was teching cards to force it to work. It does put some thought into whether or not counters should be played against a deck that uses them, because they can trigger the standby and make you lose out on that trade

any deck that plays for compression with a strong utility engine and does it consistently and well is automatically a deck capable of winning a tournament. However, a good deck will have strong finishers as well as a way to stick damage against compressed decks. An amazing deck will have that and a way to end games on the spot against un-suspecting opponents.

out of the decks hit by the most recent banlist, I think monogatari is a fair deck at best now. I think the same of kantai, though kantai has more unfair cards going for it than monogatari. I would rate KC over MG, and put KC about even with CG.

I think re-zero is strong in that it has utility, compresses well and quickly, has immediate answers to a lot of things and can stick damage against hyper compressed decks. I think it lacks the ability to steal a game and hard punish an opponent that is out of climaxes though. I think that’s very important.

I dislike finishers that summon 1/0s to the board for damage (anya level 3, emilia level 3) because they leave you vulnerable to reverse abilities and sometimes you are forced to suicide the card in and leave an open slot. For the cost, I dislike it.

Some people don’t know this, but level 3 levi in AOT can sacrifice a backrow card for its effect and stand without moving slots if all 3 front slots are filled. this can be extremely important in some matchups where you don’t want to leave slots open.

Shining is a very difficult set to play because it was strong for its time and struggles against the top decks in 2017. However, the tools it has available to them allow them to force wins where very few other decks can. I wish it got a comeback campaign.

Depending on the matchup, being 3 cx out at level 3 is suicide.

freefreshing from a freefresh counter at late level 2 feels terrible. You basically waste a turn canceling, then going through all your cxs in an attempt to refresh anyways because you are now 2-3 out and will trigger more if you don’t.  I won a game this week just because my opponent did a freefresh at 2-5, canceled 3 times then went through the remaining climaxes in his deck and died the next turn.

everyone i know is hard hyping sunshine because they got a healing musashi, but a strong deck needs to be good at all levels not just level 3. I need to see more cards before i’m convinced.



One thought on “Random weiss thoughts 5/21/17

  1. Actually, if you do that with Levi lvl 3 you have to move to an open slot, as you just vacated a backrow slot he moves there, so besides not attacking again you just opened a front slot.

    You always do as much as you can of an effect and the text states that if you put it in stand then you move it to another open position on the stage.

    “【AUTO】 [(3) Put a 《Corps》 character from your hand into your waiting room & Put another character from your stage into your waiting room] This ability activates up to one time per turn. During the turn that this card is placed on the stage from your hand, when this card’s battle opponent becomes 【REVERSE】, you may pay the cost. If you do, 【STAND】 this card and move it to another open position of your stage.”


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