random weiss thoughts 5/22/17

too many sleeves, not enough decks to sleeve them in

tilted that its 2017 and we still cant come up with a way to play weiss schwarz online. I blame HOTC. Fuck them.

I never get to go to WGP and miss it every year because of work. I really want to go this year. I hope I can this time.

3500 level 1s at level 0 are very strong

bushiroad is really lazy in set design. As much as i hated yugioh, i really appreciated the introduction of new effects and mechanics.

i really hope one day we have a series that offers a cool and playable “tag out” feature that’s not only viable in a waifu deck or a meme.

memory swapping would be cool too

BO3 will never be an official format unless games can be consistently shortened to 10 mins. That would take an insane amount of powercreep.

people will clock themselves up to an entire level of damage throughout a game without even realizing it.



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