weiss thoughts 5/23/17

I want to wait and see how bang dream performs before i make any judgment on it

I really think 8 standby/switch/whatever you wanna call it triggers will be a thing and the first deck to abuse it to the fullest will perform extremely well

next banlist will probably not see a gochi hit. yes, its currently very strong but i think bushi will just introduce new sets to knock it down, much like how CG2 and MG made GFB nonexistent after their release

speaking of gfb, i think there is a lot of potential here but players aren’t pursuing it. although i can understand why they wouldn’t but (mostly) yellow is still very strong and does a good job hard countering various decks whereas R/B is stable as always.

my main issue with guardian rewrite is that it doesn’t have enough reliable ways to get to kotori without the brainstorm. When that is figured out, it can easily be the best deck in the game.

speaking of rewrite, 2/2 chihaya is actually not terrible but players are too invested in trying to rush cx combos at level 1 and don’t know how to play an attrition game properly. It’s especially potent with 3/2 lucia, which pumps her to 11.5k and keeps her relevant against early drops.

i wish i had a locals closer to home. I hate driving so much.

I wish english weiss had more incentives to play it. Exclusive sets, or PRs would be a nice start. Better tournament support. So many ways to do it, bushiroad is just so lazy.



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