weiss thoughts 5/23/17

I want to wait and see how bang dream performs before i make any judgment on it

I really think 8 standby/switch/whatever you wanna call it triggers will be a thing and the first deck to abuse it to the fullest will perform extremely well

next banlist will probably not see a gochi hit. yes, its currently very strong but i think bushi will just introduce new sets to knock it down, much like how CG2 and MG made GFB nonexistent after their release

speaking of gfb, i think there is a lot of potential here but players aren’t pursuing it. although i can understand why they wouldn’t but (mostly) yellow is still very strong and does a good job hard countering various decks whereas R/B is stable as always.

my main issue with guardian rewrite is that it doesn’t have enough reliable ways to get to kotori without the brainstorm. When that is figured out, it can easily be the best deck in the game.

speaking of rewrite, 2/2 chihaya is actually not terrible but players are too invested in trying to rush cx combos at level 1 and don’t know how to play an attrition game properly. It’s especially potent with 3/2 lucia, which pumps her to 11.5k and keeps her relevant against early drops.

i wish i had a locals closer to home. I hate driving so much.

I wish english weiss had more incentives to play it. Exclusive sets, or PRs would be a nice start. Better tournament support. So many ways to do it, bushiroad is just so lazy.



random weiss thoughts 5/22/17

too many sleeves, not enough decks to sleeve them in

tilted that its 2017 and we still cant come up with a way to play weiss schwarz online. I blame HOTC. Fuck them.

I never get to go to WGP and miss it every year because of work. I really want to go this year. I hope I can this time.

3500 level 1s at level 0 are very strong

bushiroad is really lazy in set design. As much as i hated yugioh, i really appreciated the introduction of new effects and mechanics.

i really hope one day we have a series that offers a cool and playable “tag out” feature that’s not only viable in a waifu deck or a meme.

memory swapping would be cool too

BO3 will never be an official format unless games can be consistently shortened to 10 mins. That would take an insane amount of powercreep.

people will clock themselves up to an entire level of damage throughout a game without even realizing it.


Random weiss thoughts 5/21/17

my top 8 match last night reiterated the importance of level 0 and that it should not be neglected.

just having one huge lane (like a 1/1 9k or something) that can reliably reverse on both players turns can snowball a game pretty huge by killing multiple characters over several turns and opening empty slots for you to play weaker characters and gives you the luxury of not committing larger plays.

the new standby trigger doesn’t look very good in milky holms right now. Maybe its because of a lack of good level 2s and the players I saw were using it incorrectly? But I see it doing a very good job in ramming in characters and then playing over them with stronger ones to defend. I think its fine in milky and maybe the player was just triggering it at awkward times and was teching cards to force it to work. It does put some thought into whether or not counters should be played against a deck that uses them, because they can trigger the standby and make you lose out on that trade

any deck that plays for compression with a strong utility engine and does it consistently and well is automatically a deck capable of winning a tournament. However, a good deck will have strong finishers as well as a way to stick damage against compressed decks. An amazing deck will have that and a way to end games on the spot against un-suspecting opponents.

out of the decks hit by the most recent banlist, I think monogatari is a fair deck at best now. I think the same of kantai, though kantai has more unfair cards going for it than monogatari. I would rate KC over MG, and put KC about even with CG.

I think re-zero is strong in that it has utility, compresses well and quickly, has immediate answers to a lot of things and can stick damage against hyper compressed decks. I think it lacks the ability to steal a game and hard punish an opponent that is out of climaxes though. I think that’s very important.

I dislike finishers that summon 1/0s to the board for damage (anya level 3, emilia level 3) because they leave you vulnerable to reverse abilities and sometimes you are forced to suicide the card in and leave an open slot. For the cost, I dislike it.

Some people don’t know this, but level 3 levi in AOT can sacrifice a backrow card for its effect and stand without moving slots if all 3 front slots are filled. this can be extremely important in some matchups where you don’t want to leave slots open.

Shining is a very difficult set to play because it was strong for its time and struggles against the top decks in 2017. However, the tools it has available to them allow them to force wins where very few other decks can. I wish it got a comeback campaign.

Depending on the matchup, being 3 cx out at level 3 is suicide.

freefreshing from a freefresh counter at late level 2 feels terrible. You basically waste a turn canceling, then going through all your cxs in an attempt to refresh anyways because you are now 2-3 out and will trigger more if you don’t.  I won a game this week just because my opponent did a freefresh at 2-5, canceled 3 times then went through the remaining climaxes in his deck and died the next turn.

everyone i know is hard hyping sunshine because they got a healing musashi, but a strong deck needs to be good at all levels not just level 3. I need to see more cards before i’m convinced.


Random Weiss thoughts 5/20/17

a level 2 game that doesn’t get reversed at level 2 or 3 easily is ideal.

i think that anti-change bombs are weak because at best they go even on the trade. but most early play 3/2s have healing effects so the opponent already got their value out of it. Not to mention, they saved themselves a damage because you didn’t direct attack that slot, but they get to direct attack the slot you left open with the bomb. you need a 2/1 that kills level 3s without dying.

shimukaze is kind of weak now. Mostly because of the 2k1 cx though.

honestly leaving anything that’s reversible post level 1 opens an opportunity for the opponent to generate an advantage via cx combo or other effect. This is why cinderella girls isn’t the perfect series. However, CG is still fairly strong because of its endless utility.

I expected railgun to be a much stronger contender than it currently is, maybe because no one plays it? For a short time, i considered it to be one of the strongest decks in the game.

I honestly forgot schoolgirls strikers existed.

i wish bushi would just create more trait/generic decks and allow the deck building process be given to the players, rather than push them towards specific characters (CG, Rewrite, Gochi, KC destroyer for example)

I think deck building is one of the most fun parts of the game and people who don’t appreciate deck building ought to move on from card games and play something else.

Random weiss thoughts 5/18/17

Mill runners > free runners, unless the free runner has a 2nd effect (konosuba’s for example)

AOT is extremely good at punishing on reverse abilities in general, and demolishes level 3 lineups that require a reverse. We will see more of this in set two, hopefully.

Power at level 3 matters so much more now because hard compression has deteriorated in favor of playing on curve. Tempo swings are cool, but tbh not taking damage is much stronger than just playing for power.

+2 soul cxs are highly underrated in some decks. +2 soul gives any card the power to push late game damage at any point in the game.

speaking on that point, if the lovers combo in monogatari was free it would probably be the best level 1 combo in the game.

so many players hate having multiple cx in hand, but there is value in using a cx to force climaxes, then follow with a harder push the next turn

I honestly believe that Pants+stock soul is the best combination of cxs right now if you have the ability to pay out the cx the next turn, since you replenish that stock with a 2nd stock soul play. Back to back stock soul plays are extremely powerful and tend to straight out win games when paired with enough milling to compress the deck out

I still really want to play GFB, maybe someone will be cool and sell it to me cheap 😛

playing other card games can influence your weiss play. I once took a break from weiss, spent a month and a half playing shadowverse (grinded to AA rank), then applied the game theories i learned in shadowverse into weiss and went 11-0 over the course of two days in two different locals.

however, the opposite effect can happen as well. Yugioh is notoriously bad at making me a better weiss player, anything i learned playing yugioh couldn’t be applied here and my next tournament run was pretty piss poor all around

the english community is an enigma to me, but it is fascinating to an extent. the higher prices in english tend to force players to innovate and pursue other styles of play rather than tapping into their bank accounts to buy the most expensive cards. you don’t see too much of this in JP because decks are a bit more affordable.

too many players waste counters on cards just to play over the character they protected the following turn. Dropping a card in hand for the counter isn’t worth the extra 1 soul for a direct attack.

i honestly think clock-self anti level 3 counters are seriously underrated. If you can heal off what you clocked with your own early drop and tempo swing the game back in your favor, you can set yourself up to win really easily.

i actually hate gold bar with a passion. I want cxs to go in my hand when i feel it is right to add them, not default them into my hand. Hence I prefer pants, because if I lose the game from a bad cx salvage its not because i trigger the cx in the first place its because of my own mistake.

I believe that the best deck offers immediate compression, and is entirely good. I feel like some players prefer to give way to the opponent at certain levels of the game because of how their deck is built (strong level 1, but weak level 0, for example) but in reality for a deck to be good it must be good at all stages of the game. Level 2 is just as important as level 1.

topcheck burn 1s feel like a waste. i actually believe that on attack burns are the best kind of burns, because you have the most flexibility when you want to burn (in between attacks) whereas topcheck burn only topchecks for 1 burn before you attack. on reverse burn is meh, it has too many counters available to it.

i wish there were more anti- effects in the game. anti- search during attack phase would be interesting to have in the meta, because it forces deckbuilding towards another direction

generating stock as a cx combo feels worthless unless you can turn that stock into another type of advantage.

the next banlist will be the most interesting one.

Random Weiss thoughts 5/17/17

2 or less cx early plays are a hell of a lot better in decks that can afford to do a refresh at late level 1 now.

level 2 dominance is heavily punished by strong on reverse abilities at 3. this has to be in tandem with a strong level 3 refresh though.

thanks to the return of healing in the meta, particularly at level 2 refreshing at early level 1 is not as strong as it used to be. There is actually very little benefit to refreshing that early because when you finally hit level 2 you will be more than 3 cx out and miss out on many early drops depending on the set you are playing. Its better to actually just take take a turn of damage and end the turn at 1-3 or 1-4 with a couple cards left in deck for the refresh/level. self clocking cards (riki, clock bonders) hold a bit more value in these scenarios if you want to accelerate the game state from 1-0 damage

hitting the opponent to 2-4/2-5 with 3-4 cxs out is significantly worse (for the opponent) than pushing them to 3-0 and allowing them access to their level 3 line.  the opponent has to essentially waste a turn accomplishing nothing because they have to play not to lose when you get to level 3.

people really underestimate level 3 killers. everyone wants to play early drops, but very few people have answers to early drop killers.

playing a cx at level 2 can often feel like a waste because refreshes happen at that point and there is room to cancel if you overswing. however, if you can threaten lethal in hand next turn, forcing climaxes out can be the best play you can make.

clock kickers are some of the best cards to play without a cx, since a low swing for 2 can guarantee a 3rd damage if you have the power, whereas burn effects feel much better on larger swings

i kind of hate how the weiss community (and tournament structure in general) only seems to care about top 8/4/winner yet bushi insists that weiss is “for fun”.

another gripe about the community, both near me and online- there is no hesitation to talk shit. Literally insults are thrown without second thought as if it were a normal thing to do, these are grown ass men/women acting like children. have some respect for the people around you.

Random Weiss Thoughts 5/16/17

I’m going to start a new series on random Weiss thoughts, which is designed to bring up some discussion points. Anyways without further ado, here we go. Don’t kill me for spelling errors, im just typing the first things that come to mind without a care.


It is somewhat acknowledged amongst several people at my locals and a couple of people on the net that Gochiusa currently is the best series in neostandard, but i don’t think thats 100% true. I do believe that gochi is the best deck that follows the specific formula of lvl 1 cx > lvl 2 early play > lvl 3 finisher that the current decks have been doing for years and that any deck that follows that same formula is going to lose out because gochi does it better. It is certainly beatable, like any deck in weiss and there is room for other series to do well against it but requires a level of innovation that players either haven’t gotten to, or are choosing not to share that knowledge.

osomatsu (matsu bros) is a very strong deck with a lot of tools. The one thing it lacks is the ability to straight up kill you the moment it hits 3-0 (see TLR/Kantai) but it grinds out very well with the gold bar combo and the matsu counter.

I actually think milky holmes is fairly overrated. Its a strong deck, but not quite as strong as some people make it out to be. It has extremely polarizing matchups which can make it seem strong and severely punishes players that don’t understand the deck but a seasoned player would know exactly how to play against it and its not nearly as oppressive under those circumstances.

people say TLR transformation/housework is the best deck, but no one seems to play it in my area, or they own it and just don’t top or play with it.

I still believe that power of smile rin is the ideal choice in CG. being able to attack 5 times in a turn for so little stock is insane. getting 7 stock for the triple restand isn’t hard either.

I don’t believe bang dream will be a powerful set, i honestly think it will be on par with the last few sets released

speaking of the last few sets, G/B rewrite is insanely strong but requires a lot of games to understand / build correctly.

konosuba is weak in the sense that it doesn’t trade very well, but is able to find win conditions in other cards. 3/2 aqua is very strong when you set up the opponent a turn or two ahead. darkness makes no sense to me. its a defensive level 3 early play but the condition to early play it wants you to be reactive and not proactive. That bothers me. Eris restander is very strong, the ability to salvage herself and make an entirely new board from it is something that decks need to learn to do/deal with.

before the end of the year, i think there will be a finisher or anti-mechanic that punishes heal to stock abilities. Any set that offers this ability has a clear edge over those that don’t and should be abusing this.

akatsuki isn’t special anymore. but it is still necessary.

monogatari is very difficult to pilot, but even after the nerfs it is still strong if you play for hard compression with 1/0 hitagi and 2/2 hanekawa and use the 2/3 event to stay at level 2 indefinitely

re:zero isn’t hard to pilot but is extremely consistent. People underestimate the level 2 power spike the set offers since you can play 3/2 felt + two 3/2 rems and overwhelm the opponent so easily.

kantai is in a weird spot.  it has potential to be one of the best sets in the game but the restriction list forces players to gravitate towards suboptimal builds to compensate. however with kantai its very hard to know what the individual player will tech because the card pool is so large for it. it is a wildcard in every sense. speaking on kantai, im baffled that the card pool offers many damage related mechanics (compass, damage scry, anti-heal, +4 soul kaga) and when you put them next to each other there is a formula for a great deck but most players only opt into the compass.

i severely dislike accel world. I am a player that likes to make the most of my plays with as little spent as possible, then snowball the small advantages into a massive lead. Accel world feels like a high risk-high reward playstyle and i don’t like it very much.

The best power plays right now are the ones that can pull of “cx combo” effects but without the cx. Not only are those type of plays more consistent, but it offers the luxury of allowing you to hold the cx and play it when it is good to play it, rather then be pidgeonholed into playing a cx combo as soon as you hit 1-0 and not stick enough damage as a result. Ironically, as much as i dislike accel world that set is very good at doing this.

damage manipulation is still the deciding factor when it comes to winning games.

Getting cx screwed happens to everyone. The best players are the ones that don’t tilt when something goes wrong and tries to turn their bad situation into a favorable one.

Anti-heal is highly underestimated right now. LB isn’t popular enough and hibiki isn’t as good in 2017 thanks to the restriction list. KLK is actually kind of scary when you think about the anti-heal with the gate combo that topdecks cards at level 2, followed by mako/ryuko at level 3.

if set releases continue at this rate at the power level they are at, this year’s WGP will offer an extreme amount of variety in the top decks, much more so than years past.

GFB dropped off the face of the earth, but after the recent banlist hits there is plenty of room for it to come back into the meta. Not being able to play it internationally due to licensing is a problem though.