Quick update guys, I was working full time and didn’t have enough time to update the blog and maintain a healthy social life (lol). But I am back, and will be creating new content as the weeks pass.


Thank you for reading! Keep your eyes peeled for new updates!


2017. A new Love Live Set is Released (Part 1)


I open my packs and the first pack I rip open pull out a R umi, worth 3750 yen. She’s just an akatsuki clone that is spammable but it’s totally in high demand and is gonna make love live a top tier deck. Since this set is so OP with new shit, it’s basically just a new deck altogether and I’m pretty much only going to use 4 cards from the older sets which are now worth three times what it used to be.


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Applying MtG Concepts to WS Part 2: The Competitive Mindset


Hello again! for those who are new, welcome to the Weiss and Chill blog. Today I will be speaking about a concept that isn’t necessarily exclusive to MtG, but rather is vital to getting better in 90% of competitive enviroments: the competitive mindset. Just like my last article, I will be referencing Next Level Magic but will do so loosely due to potential copyright issues. Also, if you wouldn’t mind, please visit the competitive WS subbredit. The subreddit is relatively new but it is designed as a hub for competitive players to gather and have discussions.


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Competitive Weiss and you: Making the choice (An appeal to the community)


Get it? painful choice? Name of the article..? OK ill stop with the bad jokes now.

Hello again everyone, and for those who are new to my site welcome to the weiss and chill blog. Today, I will be writing an article regarding some recent discussions on the Weiss Schwarz foreign community (which Ironically I was banned from when my friend baited me into posting a picture of food on the group) about casual vs competitive play. Continue reading “Competitive Weiss and you: Making the choice (An appeal to the community)”

Applying MTG concepts to Weiss Schwarz pt 1: Stages of the game and Tempo

Hello again! Today I will be talking about an important concept in Magic the Gathering and how it applies to Weiss Schwarz in the current meta.

Before we begin, I will be referencing the book “Next Level Magic” by Patrick Chapin in this article. It is an excellent read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get better at any trading card game- it reveals a plethora of concepts and bits of information that is applicable to almost any competitive card game. While I do want to reference as much of the book that I realistically can in this article, I will have to restrain myself quite a bit due to potential copyright issues. If you like what you are reading in this article and want to find out more in depth, I would highly recommend you get the book and give it a read. Even if you don’t play magic, there is a whole lot to learn from it.

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Miku hasn’t lost its touch (TL;DR somewhere in the middle)

I said I would be doing this, and never got around to it. Rip. I actually started writing this post as soon as the deck list was released, but because of work I just never found the time and energy to finish it. Even though its late, here we go.


Hello everyone! Today I will be doing a detailed analysis and review of a Miku (Soundless voice) deck that recently took first place at Triple Crown Game’s PS4 Weiss Tournament. The deck features extremely high power spikes and solid endgame, and is able to apply consistent pressure throughout most of the game, provided it has the hand to accomplish its gameplan.

You can find the deck list (as well as the other four top decks in the tournament) Here: http://triplecrowngames.net/2015/12/weiss-schwarz-ps4-tournament-recap/

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Blog update: Off Hiatus

Sometimes I wonder whether or not playing weiss schwarz is worth my time and money. As of late, I had to ask my self that time and time again.

We all go through these phases of life in which we just struggle through whatever life wants to throw at us. As of late, what I thought would be a previously undying passion to play and share my weiss schwarz experiences on this blog quickly became a fight for survival as my work schedule threw more work at me, my car decided to die a little on me, and my time went from enjoying weiss to letting my decks collect dust in the corner of my room.

However, that does not necessarily mean I want to quit. By all means, I enjoy the game and I really think bushiroad is doing a great thing by expanding this card game with constant releases in both the ENG and the JP scene. However, it does mean that my time to enjoy weiss schwarz is significantly reduced due to the distances I cannot travel and the time that is being sucked from me as I get scheduled for more hours at work.

I decided to really get myself involved again and try to immerse myself into weiss again, only to find out new sets have been released with more coming and while my game knowledge and theory hasn’t really evolved in my absence I do believe it is still effective due to the nature of the game itself. However, because of my time constraints I no longer have the ability to expand my knowledge through personal experiences any more.

What does it mean for this blog then? It means a shift in focus. I will be making an attempt to get off hiatus, and will be focusing more on careful analysis on both decklists and gameplay patterns and I hope to share my analysis and inferences to the community. I will be taking a look at not only my personal decks, but more importantly tournament contenders that have proven themselves capable of winning in a tested environment.

Anyways, that’s the end of this quick update. I will be working on my next post later tonight and in the next couple of days so expect to see some new content soon.